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Original Experience

From the ground up, Rock Raiders X is designed to recreate the original LEGO® Rock Raiders experience. With careful consideration of enhancement and design principles to guide it’s development, RRX’s purpose is to bring the essence of Rock Raiders to modern systems.

Custom Engine

We’ve built our own game engine to achieve our goals for Rock Raiders X. Creating a custom engine allows us to fine tune the RRX experience, support loading of all the original game resources to bring the original's look & feel to RRX & create huge modding potential.

Modder's Paradise

A core of part of RRX is all about the giving the community the ability to make RRX their own through custom content and gameplay mods. In addition RRX also supports most of the existing LEGO® Rock Raiders game mods including config, skins, levels & custom units and more.

Who We Are

People who grew up with LEGO® Rock Raiders, developed modding tools & established it's central community.

Together with what we have learned from these experiences, we're re-making the original game.

* In-game screenshot from Rock Raiders X.

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UltraWAD Screenshot


The ultimate tool for WAD file management. Easy, integrated and coming soon.


We'd like to extend special thanks to the supportive LEGO® Rock Raiders community,
those working on RRX, game researchers and the teams that brought us the original game.

  • Developers
  • Jarred (Enex)
  • Antillies
  • Testers
  • Whiskers
  • ShadowDraikana
  • Cirevam
  • Macley
  • Advisors
  • Addictgamer
  • Bartvbl
  • Support
  • Ben Steenson
  • Special Thanks
  • Data Design Interactive
  • The LEGO Group